A CALL TO HONOR: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Replica

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a monument dedicated to American service members who have died without their remains being identified.  It is located in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, adjacent to Fort Myer just across the Memorial Bridge from Washington, D.C.

This replica is owned and managed by the Americanism Committee of the Exchange Club of Rome, Ga.  It was constructed by Phillip Burkhalter Builders of Rome, which is owned by a member of our club.  It was constructed after their regular work hours.  The materials involved in its construction were pine, composite materials, carbon-fiber sheets for added strength, aluminum framing, and retractable wheels for ease in moving.

All of the art work was carved with a hand Dremel and it was painted to resemble the marble of the real one at Arlington National Cemetery by Mr. Chuck Schmult, a well-known and extremely talented Rome, Georgia artist.

It is the hope of the Exchange Club of Rome and the National Exchange Club that the sacrifices of our men  and women in uniform are never forgotten, for without their supreme sacrifice of their lives, and in the case of the unknowns, their identity,  our way of life would not be possible!

If you would like to have the Tomb replica displayed at your location, please contact us here.


**** For an overview of how the Tomb Replica came about and why, please see our feature on the SHGTUS Public Affairs Centenial Tidbits, #15.